Insurance Recovery Attorney in Tampa, Fl

Insurance Recovery Attorney in Tampa FL, the Washington DC area, and Nashville TN

The Russell Firm focuses on insurance coverage litigation, exclusively representing policyholders in exclusively representing policyholders in Tampa FL, the Washington DC area, and Nashville TN. Insurers collect premiums in exchange for the promise to be there if they are needed. Unfortunately, insurers often break this promise, leveraging their tremendous size and resources to resist paying valid claims for as long as possible. For some insurers, this practice seems to be an essential part of their business model.

The best way to level the playing field is to hire a team that focuses on insurance coverage litigation. When you do not have a recovery attorney, insurers know that they can delay paying claims -- or resist paying outright -- with little effective challenge from their policyholders. When you hire a lawyer who knows how to move a case as fast as possible, the game changes. Often, a demand from a lawyer articulating the claim and citing the relevant law is all that it takes. Sometimes, arbitration or litigation is necessary.

Especially in confused and hazardous situations, such as immediately following a damaging hurricane, like Hurricane Michael, we can help you throughout the claims process. The Russell Firm has experience in all stages of the insurance recovery process, from the initial demand letter to resolution of the claim. Put us to work for you. We will work efficiently to get your claim resolved as fast as possible, and will aggressively pursue every avenue to maximize your recovery. Our fee structure is reasonable and flexible -- we strive to work within almost any budget, and are often willing to take cases on a contingency basis. Contact us today for an insurance recovery attorney in Tampa FL, the Washington DC area, and Nashville TN.

Representative matters include:

  • Represent manufacturer seeking coverage from its first-party insurer for business interruption resulting from a natural disaster.
  • Represent auto parts manufacturer suing in state court for coverage for asbestos claims.
  • Represent individual policyholder suing life insurer to reinstate a wrongly-cancelled life insurance policy.
  • Represent utility company arbitrating against its liability insurers following an environmental disaster.
  • Represent physician seeking readjustment of disability insurance claim.