Client Testimonials

J.R. Yeager

Sam was referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. He represented me in a dispute with a contractor who made a mess of a project at my house that left me in a worse situation than when the work began.

Sam took my initial call without hesitation and gave me all the time I needed to explain the situation with which I was dealing (he has excellent listening skills). His experience and expertise were was immediately obvious. He asked all the rights questions and got to the heart of the matter quickly. His opinions and advice were fair, balanced, and realistic. Throughout the process he stayed in regular contact with me and returned all my calls promptly.

In the end I received a fair settlement, and equally important, closure on an unpleasant event with an unscrupulous contractor.

Nobody wants to be in the position of having the call a lawyer. But if you do, with Sam there should be no hesitation. He's a wise man, with a calm demeanor, who will put you at ease and be in your corner.

Ashly Bauserman

I was lucky enough to have Samuel Russell and his firm represent me during an investigation that was opened with a former employer regarding sexual misconduct by their employee and myself. It was extremely difficult to go through this situation again and to be interacting with a financial institution, but Sam made sure that I felt comfortable and legally safe. He was not only an excellent lawyer, but also someone that cares for your emotional well being and security. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.

Chris J.

I feel very fortunate that Sam Russell represented me in a recent legal matter involving a fairly complex mix of contracts and construction law and homeowner hazard insurance issues. Sam is a gentleman, whip smart and the best legal advocate I could have hoped for.

Aleph Zahir

Knowledgeable, effective, and customer service oriented. Sam will give you honest advice about your case, and, if you retain him, he'll fight hard on your behalf. What more can you ask for in a lawyer? Highly recommended.

Leta Chavez

Very impressed fast response to any question. Constant in touch. Keeps thier word. I feel now I can focus on my injuries and get healthy with less stress. Thank you

Jenny Hanson

Excellent Attorney, Thank you Dean!

I had a complicated case that involved 3 car accidents that happened within a year.
The first one I was at fault for and because of that, the other two I was involved in made my case very difficult. It was very confusing for all the providers I saw to know which claim to bill because some of my injuries were the same in each claim (those injuries just got worse each accident).
In the negotiation process, each insurance company wanted the other insurance company to be accountable for some the injuries I sustained, when really each claim had a part in it. I was restless and irritable from all the "blame game" going on, but in the end Dean made sure that everything was sorted correctly and settled fairly. In conclusion, everything is over and all my claims are closed and I feel good about the outcome of each one. I also had a claim for diminished value of my car (from the third accident), the insurance company didn't want to consider my car totaled because they thought the repair costs wouldn't exceed the value of the car, but over the time it was being repaired the mechanics kept finding more damage and in the end my car had over $20,000 worth of repairs so basically I was left with a car that should of been totaled. Dean also made sure that was settled fairly.
Overall, I am very happy I hired Dean and have no regrets. If you need help and don't know where to start, you should give him a call.

Chloe McKinley

I came into trouble with the law during a family vacation in Washington. I lived out of state and am a full-time student, so I could not attend the hearings and trials that were asked of me, and was very lost and confused with how to proceed. Immediately after reaching out to him, Dustin Burk contacted me and spoke to me about my options in a clear light and what I could expect with my predicament. He was more than accommodating, doing everything he could to keep me informed on my side of the country. He was an exceptional lawyer that always conveyed my side of the story and had my best interests in mind. I am extremely grateful for the legal help he supplied me with, the peace of mind he ensured within me, and the matter in which he went above and beyond in representing me.

Jacob Huff

Matt Russell took my case very seriously and treated me like family. Always there to take a phone call or email if i had any questions with the process or what was going on. I have used them multiple times to deal with insurance companies; and they continue to always give me the best service. If i ever need anything this is the place to call. Thank you for all your hard work.

Terri Stevens

Very courteous, professional......good firm! Haven't had any problems with any of the team. Highly recommend.